I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the increasing problems of pollution in our beloved city.

Everywhere you go you find trash lying around, scattered or in heaps. One can only imagine the effects of rotting and decomposing garbage on the health of people living and working around it; and to make it worse, people actively burn piles of trash on the streets and near residential areas. Obviously this is due to a general lack of awareness.

A major problem contributing to this issue is the absence of a proper garbage disposal system in many areas of the city. People just want trash outside of their household and that empty plot seems like the next best place. The implementation of a citywide garbage disposal system is an absolute must.

A change like this cannot happen overnight, but taking the first step towards change is the most important thing. Eventually, policies could lean towards building recycling plants and teaching people and especially children, the importance of recycling. All in all, I think most people would find comfort with simply the knowledge that the concerned authorities are actually doing something about solving the issue of trash on the streets.


Karachi, August 1.