National Action Plan under its famous 20 points agenda unanimously taken on December 24, 2014 with the backing of 21st Constitutional Amendment was aimed at execution of convicted terrorists, establishment of special trial courts, ensured curtailment of militias functioning in the country, strengthening and activation of NACTA, countering hate speech and fanatic material, choking financing for terrorists and organisations, controlling the re-emergence of proscribed organisations, establishing and deploying a dedicated counter-terrorism force, taking effective steps against religious persecution, registration and regulation of madrassas, ban on glorification of terrorism and terrorist organisations through print and electronic media, FATA reforms, dismantling communication networks of terrorist organisations, measures against abuse of internet and social media for terrorism, zero tolerance for militancy in Punjab, taking the ongoing operation in Karachi to its logical conclusion, Baluchistan reconciliation, dealing firmly with sectarian terrorists, policy to deal with the issue of Afghan refugees and revamping and reforming the criminal justice system but what is achieved so far except some lame figures. Except little work on few, more than 15 points are still crying to be taken action against but of no avail.

Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE are financing terrorists in Pakistan and spreading extremism, sectarianism and hate speech. A statement issued by Saudi embassy states that they finance all these religious pundits with the knowledge of Pakistani govt. Interior Minister on January 10, 2015 stated that the roots of extremism are traced to the country on our Western border and to the Gulf States where a large Pakistani Diaspora is working. Has any step taken at diplomatic level to curb this sorry state of affairs or still $1.5 B Saudi ghost aid is working? What actions have been taken to crush 212 proscribed organisations?

What an irony that chief of the banned and murderous organization, ASWJ, is running so-called Difah-e-Pakistan council along with other fake defenders! What a more bitter irony that state forces are deployed to guard the head and office bearers of banned ASWJ. Killing of Malik Ishaq along with his 13 other accomplices by security forces on July 29th 2015 is very laudable step, but will this legacy of killing proscribed terrorists be continued or will just prove a split within ASWJ. What a surprise and astonishing that ASWJ has not made any protest on the killing of its leader! Would anybody spare some moments to explain what difference between LeT and JuD is? JuD is just put on watch list. Is it enough?

Yet we have questions par question with no or ambiguous answers. Country needs complete overhauling and restructuring of its judicial and administrative system. Military rule is no solution. There is dire need of competent, loyal and educated political leadership.


Jhang, August 1.