LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at a high level meeting on Monday directed the health authorities for adopting every measure for improving health facilities at Punjab Institute Cardiology (PIC) in accordance with the growing number of patients from all over the province.

The CM also called for looking into affairs of the Institute in order to streamline its working. Addressing the meeting, the chief minister said that provision of modern and quality treatment facilities to the common man is the top priority of the government for which all funds will be made available.

He said: “PIC is an important institution with regard to provision of medical facilities to the cardiac patients and its standard will have to be restored.” The CM directed Board of Management of PIC to present a comprehensive plan for bringing further improvement in the institute and its image.

Shahbaz Sharif said that construction of a new 100-bed emergency block in the hospital by Friends of Punjab Institute of Cardiology Trust will lead to better treatment facilities to the patients. He said that the new emergency block constructed with the cooperation of philanthropists is a means of service to ailing humanity and earning the blessings of Allah.

He said that the treatment facilities in all hospitals of the province would be improved. He said that an effective system of check and balance is essential for improving the performance of the institutions. Amir Fayyaz of Friends of Punjab Institute of Cardiology Trust informed the meeting regarding the pace of construction of the new block and said that work is being carried out speedily on the project of 100-bed new emergency block.

The PIC chief executive officer gave a detailed briefing regarding the measures adopted for improvement of hospital.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that under the Saaf Pani project potable water to the majority of citizens in Punjab will be ensured by 2017.

Speaking to a high level meeting here on Monday the Chief Minister said this billions rupees project is a vital step towards public health service of the government.

He said scope of the project will be expanded throughout the province in steps.

The chief minister directed the authorities concerned for taking immediate measures to make the water schemes functional which hitherto had been non functional due to any reason.

He also directed the Saaf Pani company to pay special attention to maintaining high standards in the implementation of the project as well as to complete the same speedily through better coordination among the concerned institutions. He said the company executing the project will also be responsible for maintaining filtration plants installed.

New Chairman of Punjab Saaf Pani Company Kashif Padhyiar, Chairman Planning & Development, Secretary Housing, Chief Executive Officer Punjab Saaf Pani Company and concerned officials were present on the occasion.