LAHORE - The civil society organisations have demanded the Supreme Court to take suo moto notice of the Kasur incident to ensure provision of justice to the victims and their families.

South Asia Partnership, Pakistan (SAP-PK) Executive Director Muhammad Tahseen demanded this while addressing a press conference at press club Lahore, on Monday. He also demanded that all the offenders involved in this inhuman crime be arrested and shall be punished without any discrimination.

He have also demanded the Punjab chief minister to take legal action against all those involved in this heinous crime besides taking action against concerned representative of assembly and law implementing authorities of the area.

Tehseen suggested that provincial and national assemblies should pass resolutions against this brutal incident. The Punjab government should provide protection to the victim families, they added. He further said that the brutal crimes of sexual torture and violation against the children of Kasur village were the worst shape of cruelty and savageness.

“The children of Kasur have been subjected to this violence for years but did not make it to the public because of the taboos, poverty, social pressure, fear of blackmail and lack of assistance from the law implementing and pronouncing agencies of the area,” he held.

Tahseen also told the media that he personally visited Hussain Khan Wala village in Kasur and heard the stories of the affected families first hand.

The civil society again stresses the importance and need of immediate steps to be taken against the perpetrators and authorities colluding with them.