LAHORE - Asian Cultural Association of Pakistan in collaboration with Lahore arts Council organised a reference in memory of legendry actress Shamim Ara yesterday at Adbi Bethak, The Mall.

Renowned film actress Bahar Baigum, actor Mustafa Qureshi, film actor Gulam Muhuddin, film director Perviaz Kaleem and Nadir Naqvi, PML-N cultural wing president Yameen Malik spoke on the occasion. Farzand Ali moderated the event.

Large number of people from artist fraternity present on the occasion. Speakers in their speeches highlighted the contribution of legendry actress.

Shamim Ara was born in 1938 in Aligarh, India and had worked as successful Pakistani film actress, film director and film producer. She was born as Putli Bai in 1938 and later adopted Shamim Ara as film name and her career stretches from late 1950s to early 1970s. Some of the famous films of Shamim Ara including Naila (1965), Sangam (1964), Devdas, Naila, Hum Raaz, Do Raaha, Bhul.

Pal Do Pal, Lakhon Mai Ek and Salgira. Shamim Ara given Nigar Awards four times.