LAHORE: The most prominent British filmmaker is back with yet another exhilarating and enthralling show ‘Dangerous Borders’. There is no denying that nowadays the most popular genre is of documentaries. Ruhi Hamid’s upcoming 3-part series will be shown on the 70th anniversary, 14th august, 2017 at BBC 2 and is talk of the town already.

In this show, two journalists namely, Adnan Sarwar and Babita Sharma are going to be travelling along the still contentious Indo-Pak border. This journey will be showing us what we have long forgotten, amidst our daily lives and occupying routine. Adnan and Babita, both of them will be on either side of the border, interviewing and discovering what is not so common in the knowledge of a normal person.

The show starts in Adipur, which came in existence as a refugee camp for the Hindus who were moving from Pakistan to India by Babita and in Karachi, the former capital of Pakistan by Adnan. As they are going to be exploring the lost cultural heritage that once existed. The rich and the once foremost, traditional values, living standards, cultural norms will once again be revealed to normal humans.

During this journey, people from all classes and castes will be interviewed, either them being rich or poor, Hindus, Sikhs or Muslims. Regardless of all the differences, their views, their opinions and they themselves will be given immense significance and worth. The talks will be taking place with not only the youths but the old generation as well, especially those who lived to see the brutal and horrendous events of  Partition. All through their journey, we’ll be able to get acquainted with all the pivotal moments of partition through the candid conversations that will be taking place.

Not only this but these two people will be showing all the changes that have been prevailed after partition, all the modernization and advancement in ideas will be displayed. This show will be showing how much our women have changed over the last 70 years. Either it is biking, modeling or any other filed like participation in Olympic games. They are not lacking behind but moving towards success at a very fast pace. Adnan, in this show will also be seen meeting Sheedis, an African community which resided in sub-continent over the past 800 years but are now being discriminated in Pakistan. Furthermore,   Babita will be seen in a region named Rann of Kutch, where people are suffering more than what we could have ever imagined. There circumstances they are living in are the same as they were during the eve of partition, and there are barely any chances of change. This journey lasting in three parts will end in Thar Desert.

Along with all the diverse and evocative interviews, forgotten or unknown history and enduring tradition, ‘Dangerous borders’ have brought a lot of information, knowledge and exposure which could never seize to attract viewers.