School and home are the places where a child starts grooming and nurturing. Teachers and parents play an important role in the growth and development of a child. Unfortunately, not all children are lucky enough to get proper schooling and parenting, and if they get, it is not enough. Not every child is the same so they need different levels of attention, but in our society, teachers and parents are not fully focused towards this issue.

Every child has a different mental and emotional stability; it is punitive and callous to judge a child with another, comparing a child with another creates a sense of insecurity and decreases their self-worth. Nowadays, things are more materialised, teachers’ wants better result and parents want their child to get good grades but nobody cares what a child wants. No one is perfect, making it very important to understand the real potential of a child i.e. what does the child really want to do. Children are easily confused about what actually they want and what other people want from them. This confusion will further grow in the form of anxiety, social phobias, and depression. Due to this dilemma, a child can never grow, so it is very important to let them know their self-worth.

Parents should have quality times for their children from their busy schedules to understand their child’s needs of doing things. It is important to encourage a child to do whatever they want to do; stopping them will only lead to making an incompetent individual with no self-worth. Teachers should also have to understand the psychology of the child and give a child optimum attention and support.


Islamabad, July 27.