Turbat which is renowned as the second largest city of Baluchistan is unfortunately deprived of numerous basic facilities like electricity, shortage of water, non-availability of gas, newspaper banning and so on but the most major facility which Turbat long has been suffering form is non-availability of internet service which is extremely consequential for a students in his study process. In Turbat neither 3G mobile network nor Warid LTE(4G) is available. No any city of Baluchistan is left with internet except Turbat due to which students are facing a lot many difficulties. Although PTCL us namely available but that is even of no use because of slow speed and price which is expensive for poor students they can’t afford for even though in other cities of Pakistan internet is free for students. 

It will be a lot easy to study if internet service is available so I appeal to authorities’ internet provider to please not let Turbat to be deprived of such a crucial necessity and soon open the internet in Turbat. 


Kech, July 20.