ISLAMABAD - Export of Information Technology related services from the country increased to $963.6 million during first 11 months of the year 2017-18 compared to the exports worth of $852.64 million during same period of the preceding year, thus posting an increase of 13.01 percent.

On yearly basis, the exports of IT related services also recorded a surge of 51.85 percent as it rose to $41.03 million in May, 2018 from $27.02 million in same month of previous year.

The country wise data shows that highest IT services were exported to the United States where $517.55 million worth of export was recorded during July-May (2017-18) followed by $83.23 million to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Similarly exports to United Kingdom during the period under review was recorded at $73.19 million, Singapore $34.8 million, Malaysia 33.11 million, Ireland $20 million, China $17.5 million, Canada $18.16 million, and Australia $18 million.

According to breakup figures, export of telecommunication services witnessed a decrease of 7.34 percent during Jul-May (2017-18) to $311.19 million against the export worth of $335.8 million in same period of the preceding year.

Export of call centers' services witnessed 24.73 percent increase from 75.12 million in Jul-May (2017-18) to $93.7 million in same period of the year corresponding year.

Similarly computer services' export also rose to $650.8 million from $515.3 million during the corresponding period of fiscal year 2016-17, thus showing an increase of 26.28 percent.

Among computer services, hardware consultancy services' export rose by 18.3 percent, software consultancy services' increased by 26.11 percent to $259.57 million, whereas export of computer software also increased by 20.08 percent to $283.24 million.

Likewise export of information services export increased by 11.19 percent as it rose to $1.59 million in Jul-May (2017-18) against export of $1.4 million in same period of the preceding year.