Language is a set of symbols used for spoken and written communication. These symbols are formed into meaningful materials with the help of morphological, syntactical, semantic and phonological process. They collectively form a language. According to ethnologue Statistics, over 7000 living language are spoken worldwide l. However, the abundant number of language perished when their speakers became victim of slavery during the major war of history. Thereby, dominant nations enforced their language and other influences on them. By the passage of time, the children of dependant family learnt and spoke dominate language as their own native language, and remained very far from their actual language of forefather. In the same way, English language has empowered itself in many countries. It is being used as a second language, according to research , figure of English speakers are 3600 million in other countries. Likewise. Pakistan is also influenced greatly by this language. For example, the official language is English, the text books of private schools, collage and universities , are in English medium. .On the other hand, Urdu language is dominant in governmental school but students of governmental schools face tough time to comprehend English text as they enter collage. Because, they confront English vocabulary problem for writing and understanding. Second language does not only complicate one’s path of learning but also weaken his native language, by giving more concentration to the second language not its own one. Therefore, a great person said ,’ A language means to preserve history, culture and identity of nation. ‘A nation is recognized when its language is recognized.


Balochiatan, July 19.