LAHORE - The NAB Punjab on Saturday will submit its report on heavy salaries and perks of top officials of 56 public sector companies set up by the former Punjab government.

It merits mentioning here that the Supreme Court of Pakistan had directed the NAB to submit the report within 10 days. The court directed the heads of 56 public companies, who were present during the hearing, to return the money they received because it was far higher than the salaries they were supposed to get according to their original pay scale. "We will make sure everyone returns the money,” the judge said.

As per the report and statistics gathered by the Bureau, Ahad Khan Cheema, former director general of the LDA and CEO of the Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power Company, is the highest paid official who headed one of the 56 companies. He was receiving Rs1,974,152 per month. Capt (r) Umsan, former CEO of the Punjab Saaf Paani Company (North), is number two with Rs1,450,000 per month. Khalid Sherdil and Mujahid Sherdil, sons of former chief secretary of Punjab AZK Sherdill, are third with regard to salaries, Rs1,308,842 and Rs1,100,000, respectively.

The chief justice said during the hearing, "Nobody is concerned that this is taxpayers’ money. Money should be taken back from them and used for construction of dams," he remarked.

Directing the accountability bureau to submit a report on the case within 10 days, the CJP said that NAB can file a reference in the case if needed. The court ordered all CEOs drawing salaries above Rs300,000 to appear before the NAB.

It may be recalled that on April 28, the Supreme Court had ordered heads of 56 public companies, who are being investigated for corruption, to draw salaries under civil servant rules and return the amount, which was higher than their original pay. "Billions of rupees were spent under the Saaf Pani Project without providing a single drop of water to people. We will not allow anyone to plunder public money," he said.

Those who are drawing these controversial salaries include Department of Primary and Secondary Health Muhammad Ali Ammer who is serving as head of the Punjab Health Facilities Management Company (PHFMC). He is getting Rs600,000 and serving the current office since April 29, 2017. In the same company, Muhammad Zulqarnain is serving since June 7, 2017 and he is getting Rs450,000 monthly. In the same company, Dr Nadeem Suhail is drawing Rs300,000. In the Punjab Population Innovation Fund, Jawad Ahmad Qureshi was getting Rs700,000 and Ali Sarfraz Hussain Rs429,250 since February 3 to October 5, 2011.

Nine officers were serving in Urban Sector Planning and Management Unit Limited. Dr Nasir Javed, chief executive officer, was getting Rs880,000; Rafaqat Ali Bhangoo Rs410,002; Aon Abbas Bukhari Rs380,000; Abdul Razaq Rs495,000, Faisal Fareed Rs376,250, Dr Tahir Ali Akber Rs520,300, Tauseef Dilshad khatana Rs332,750, Muhammad Babar Chohan (Pvt) Limited Rs385,000 and Saleem Ahmad Khan Raana (Pvt) Limited Rs300,000.

Eight officers are serving in the Punjab Social Protection Authority. Dr Sohail Anwar Ch was getting Rs450,000, Rs540,000 and 643,500; Syed Tahir Raza Hamdani Rs434,500; Waqar Azim Rs325,000, Rs357,500 Rs393,250 and then 250,000

Shahida Farrukh Naveed was getting Rs275,000 and 302,500. Noor ur Rehman as director of BISP was getting Rs325,000,

Sohail Ahmed Tipu, deputy secretary/PAS Rs335,000, from 1-6-2016 to 31-12-2016; Additional Secretary Mirza Naseer Inayat Rs335,000 and Naveed Akber Director of BISP (BS-19) Rs325,000.

The officer of the Lahore Knowledge Park Company of Higher Education was Shahid Zaman Mohmand, CEO of the Lahore Knowledge Park Company. He was getting Rs800,000 and Abdul Razaq Rs850,000.