RAWALPINDI - Experts at teachers development workshop were unanimous in demand to revisit existing teaching modules, evolve student centric policies and address sensitivities of millennial and generation zee in order to make them useful members of the society.

The event was organised by Army Public School Fort Road in collaboration with National Logistics Cell. The workshop focused on psycho-physiological challenges, teaching, parenting, character building and personality development.

Prominent among speakers were Qasim Ali Shah, prominent motivational speaker, Maj Gen Arif Malik, DG ANF, Brig Dr Mowadat Hussain Rana (R), former commandant Armed Forces Institute of Mental Health, Brig Abdul Khaliq (R), renowned educationist, Dr Sobia Masood, Assistant Professor National Institute of Psychology, Ammar bin Zulfiqar, former student APS, Hira Asim, motivational speaker and former student NUST and Maj Gen Muhammad Asim Iqbal, DG NLC.

Quarter Master General and Officer In-charge NLC Lt Gen Aamir Abbasi was the chief guest at the closing session of workshop. He dwelt at length over the importance of education in development of country, role of teacher in shaping the complexion and character of the society, personality development and educating youth about the importance of Two-Nation Theory.

The experts opined that teaching, parenting and learning have never been confronted with formidable challenges as it has been at the turn of the current century. The challenges have been further confounded by parent’s unrealistic expectations, shortfalls in existing teaching methodologies and multiple issues faced by students. In mad rush for higher GPA scores, exceptional grades and enforced career choices, it is the character building and personality development which is mostly compromised in the entire learning process.

They said that sometimes the pressure on students was inexplicable but in most cases it is too obvious to be ignored – academic pressure, parent pressure, teacher’s pressure, peer pressure and unwanted career path etc.

The students are forced to rush to academies/tuition centers to be followed by piles of homework assignments with little time for him/her or the family. The only escape or respite he/she finds is the fantasy of surreal world of social media. Social media is reality of modern day and should be used productively. There is a need to integrate social media into the learning process.

The conflicting signals and puzzling expectations in most cases lead to depression, stress, drugs and even development of suicidal tendencies in students. The experts urged parents and teachers to guard against negative forces that may affect their impressionable minds.

They said that it was high time to revisit the education system and make the learning process more students friendly. There is need for paradigm change to replace rote learning with conceptual and research driven education. At the same time the students must be provided with congenial atmosphere at home and in class room.

In this connection parents and teachers must understand psycho and physiological changes in student and carefully respond to their needs. Indifference on part of parents and teachers may academically adrift students with negative consequences not only for students but for the society at large, they warned.