LAHORE      -    Minister for Agriculture, Punjab Malik Nauman Ahmad Langial presided over 51st Punjab Seed Council meeting at Agriculture House, Lahore and gave approval for 37 new varieties of agricultural commodities for general cultivation.

The meeting was attended by Dr Ghazanfer Ali, MD Punjab Seed Corporation, Dr Anjum Ali, Director General Agriculture (Ext), Dr Abid Mahmood, Director General Agriculture (Research), Muhammad Rafiq Akhtar, Director Agriculture Information, Shahid Qadir, Director Public Relations Punjab Seed Corporation, along with large number of agricultural scientists and breeders from private sector. Among the new varieties of seeds approved, pulses 2, barium 1, wheat 2, gram 2, maize 5, maize hybrid 1. They also include new varieties of tomato, 1, peanut 1, rice 1, turmeric 1, palm 9, beer 6, pomegranate 2, cherry 1, barley 2 and 4 potato varieties.

In the meeting, 43 varieties of cumulative seeds were presented, out of which 4 varieties were not discussed due to the direction of the federal government while two varieties were pending for the next meeting and 37 were approved.

Talking to the media after the meeting, Agriculture Minister Malik Noman Ahmed Langrial said that the Punjab government wants to bring green revolution in the province and progress is being made in this regard.

He said that the government will also encourage and public and private agricultural scientists to prepare the seeds for high-yielding seeds against the disease and the introduction of new varieties of seeds would also increase the production of commodities.