ISLAMABAD-Festivities of Eid-ul-Azha including sacred ritual to buy animals for slaughtering are getting momentum across the city as only 2 days are left in Eid celebrations.

Residents in the federal capital, enthusiastically, are getting indulge in preparations as a huge number of people. Especially men, women and children can be seen in the cattle markets looking for the sacrificial animal and on the roads and streets petting and tending to their animals they bought earlier.

Women are also busy visiting the markets to finalize their preparations for ‘Eid cooking’ alongside their dresses and accessories which they were supposed to wear when they would greet friends and relatives on Eid day. Ayesha, a house wife and mother of two said that her children were decorating the sacrificial animals and spending time with them.

Having these animals around has made them forget the excitement of Eid dresses unlike Eid ul Fitar, she said.

She said, “I have bought my Eid dress, shoes and matching jewellery earlier this month as markets will be overcrowded near Eid due to sales and discounts”.

Zia ul Hassan, resident of G-8 said that buying sacrifice animals had become quite difficult this Eid due to high prices of animals, however, he decided to buy animals near Eid as expected reduction starting from today.

He said that it was also blessing in disguise as last year buying animal earlier and tending to it made his kids attached to the animal and they got really upset when it was sacrificed.

Majority of the animal owners have come from interior Punjab while animals from hilly areas including Sawat and Kaghan can also be seen in these markets.

An animal seller Ghulam Shabbir said that despite spending huge amounts on these animals whole year, he did not have profit this year because people were pooling in to buy cattle as goat prices were out of their range.

He said that he was also helpless to sell the goats at higher prices as the cost of fodder was also high and it could not be possible to sale animals without taking profit.