ISLAMABAD - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Saturday said the government is considering several options to respond to India’s illegal moves on Kashmir due to which the region is heading towards a very grave situation.

Addressing a press conference here, he reiterated that China shares Pakistan’s concerns and is lending unflinching support over the matter.

He said the government was weighing various options by holding threadbare consultations as to when and how to exercise them. Two options had already been exercised by the government, he added.

The Kashmir issue involved technicalities and had complex procedures at the UN, the minister said. He also did not rule out taking the issue to the UN human rights body. He said tonight (Saturday),

he was going to meet the prime minister for consultations and seeking his guidance. And, latter he held the meeting with Premier Imran Khan.

The minister in his presser also reiterated that Pakistan reserved the full right to respond to any aggression and defend itself like it did on February 27. He also cautioned against the designs of fascist and bellicose elements within the Indian government.

To a question, he rejected the reports as unauthentic of Russian backing Indian moves on the IoK, which had been checked it through Pakistan’s ambassador in Russia.

About his outreach to other countries on the situation, the minister said he would be contacting his Indonesian counterpart on Saturday night as his country was a non permanent member of the Security Council.

On Monday (Aug 12), he would talk to foreign minister of Poland as well, he said, adding a process for further highlighting the issue required sagacity and strategy, which would be adopted in accordance with the evolving situation in the IoK.

About his meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Qureshi said China completely supported Pakistan and issued directions to its representatives in New York to keep in touch with Pakistan’s permanent ambassador for joint consultations over the issue.

China had clearly taken the position that Jammu and Kashmir was a disputed region and its solution should be sorted out in accordance with the UN resolutions, he said.

The Chinese, he added, also considered Indian acts as unilateral which could result in negative impacts by posing enhanced threat to peace and security in the region.

He said both the sides also agreed to nominate a focal person each in their foreign ministries for joint and coordinated strategy over the issue.

Qureshi noted that India had made material changes and prepared a ground to bring about a demographic change which was aimed at converting the Muslim majority into minority. India was heading towards genocide of Muslims, he added.

The minister said there were reports that the people around Srinagar and Ladakh came out on roads in protest despite a complete curfew in the disputed valley. There were also reports of casualties and injuries to the Kashmiri people.

He said India wanted to give an impression to the world it was its internal issue. After the unilateral decision of scrapping of special status of IoK and placing other coercive measures in the valley, Pakistan reserved the right to raise the issue at all fora, he added.

Pakistan was making hectic efforts to make the world realise the gravity of the issue, he said and referred to his letters written to the United Nations secretary general prior to the Indian moves and the subsequent one after the development.

The letters, he said, cast some effects upon the UN body and expressed satisfaction that the UN secretary general’s statement had endorsed Pakistan’s historic position on the issue.

The UN secretary general had categorically mentioned the UN Charter and applicable resolutions of the Security Council on the Kashmir issue which stood around eleven, he added.

About the ongoing unrest in the IoK, the foreign minister said there were reports of  acute shortage of food and medicines, besides indiscriminate use of pellet guns to suppress the protests.

The minister said Pakistan had already raised its serious apprehensions over the prospects of Indian moves, which had now transformed into reality.

He said after Friday prayer, when the curfew was relaxed, a spontaneous protest was held in Srinagar, and the Indian forces used pellet guns and resorted to firing by injuring the protestors. There were also reports about martyrdom of some people, he added.

The minister shared serious concerns of the world over communication blackout in the IoK where mobile and Internet services were shut. Movement of the residents was completely banned, and the schools and hospitals were closed.

He said the situation was evolving and there was danger of bloodshed of innocent protestors in case the curfew was further forced or relaxed.

To a query, he maintained that in a democratic set-up, there was always room for dissenting voices and difference of opinion, but he appealed to the political leadership of the country, through media, that when it came to the Kashmir issue, there should be no divergence.

Qureshi also urged the countrymen to demonstrate their will by observing Pakistan’s Independence Day to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir followed by observance of black day on Aug 15.

They all must rise to the occasion in unity like the adoption of joint resolution by the parliament, he added.