LAHORE - Pakistan wants to resolve all outstanding issues with India through peaceful means, however, if war breaks out between Pakistan and India, it would be the last one between the two nuclear states, said Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad here yesterday.

At a news conference Sheikh Rashid said: “The wrong decision taken by India will turn Srinagar into a graveyard.”

“Under the prevailing condition, the nation needs to stay awake […] perhaps the time has come for us [Pakistan] to pay off the debt of Kashmir.

“As long as I am a minister, Samjhauta and Thar Express train services will not resume. We refuse India’s request of restarting the train services.”

Regarding Chaudhary Sugar Mills case against PML-N leaders, the leader from Rawalpindi said it was brought forth by the PPP regime and now it was moving towards its conclusion.

He claimed that both the PML-N and the PPP were in race with each other to get NRO from the government.

About the relations between the PTI government and the army, the minister claimed that the PM and the COAS were wheels of the same chariot.