The Federal cabinet has finally approved the new constitution for the Pakistan Cricket Board; once implemented, Prime Minister Imran Khan will have finally realised his ambition of improving the cricketing set-up according to his own vision. The salient features of the new constitution include a complete revamping of the domestic structure – shifting from a regional and city-based organisation to the creation of six provincial bodies that will manage affairs – which might help in removing unnecessary red tape and streamline processes between regions.

The appointment of four independent directors not answerable to the sitting government might help in removing allegations of political meddling into the sport. At the same time, the new constitution continues the tradition of keeping the Prime Minister the patron-in-chief of the sport, which is unnecessary; the sitting Prime Minister should not be this heavily involved in one sport. Not only does this favouritism unfairly disadvantage sportspersons in all other sports played at the national level, it also stops short of executing the Prime Minister’s vision of completely removing political interference from the sport.

The government must be careful; if the suspension of the Zimbabwe cricket board by the International Cricket Council (ICC) is anything to go by, the cricket regulator will not stand for domestic political interference into the affairs of the sport. Changing the domestic set-up of the cricket might well be useful in improving the talent crop coming up from within the country, but the clauses for the government to step in to change elements of the PCB constitution are still in existence. The Prime Minister still also has the authority to appoint two members in the board; to be completely free from any politics, this power must also be taken away from the Prime Minister. At the very least, on the surface, there are some improvements made by the government to the constitution, however, it is not completely depoliticised as promised. PCB must ensure that the complete constitution is approved by the ICC to avoid any issues in the future.