Prime Minister Imran Khan, lined with Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa is due to meet whimsical President Trump hoping to mend the fences and fix the history of the mistrust, to bring back the frozen relations to the normalcy.

It is an open secret that President Trump wants to end the prolonged-Afghan conflict; which is almost impossible without Islamabad and Rawalpindi cooperation—a fact earlier not only recognized by America but Russia and China too. However, Pakistan is facing crunch economic crisis that is somehow temporarily managed with IMF given oxygen and in some form of the loan from the friendly countries. Prior to the PM visit to America, Pakistan also opened her airspace for India and arrested Hafiz Saeed is also arrested.

There is no second thought to it that significant progress has been made in Taliban and America talks in Doha and terms of the lasting peace agreement are in the final stage. This could have not been possible without Pakistan’s support that brought the Taliban on the negotiating table which has made substantive pragmatic progress. Hoping better sense to prevail and Pakistan could garner some much-needed investment and earlier Coalition Military Support Funds.