LAHORE-After Pakistan government announced the banning of Indian films from its cinemas across the nation, actor Yasir Hussain also urged all Pakistani actors to boycott bollywood forever.

Writing on his Instagram, the actor said: “I want every Pakistani artist to say they will never work with India. You have love for Kashmir and then you want to work in India as well?”

He added: “Now all Pakistani artists are going to judge me but I don’t care. I love Pakistan and I cry for Kashmir. I used to believe art has no boundary but maybe there is one. They’ve drawn it, we should too. #standforkashmir.”

Earlier on Thursday, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan said Pakistan will utilise all options for extending support to the Kashmiris in the wake of revocation of Article 370 by India.

She said no Indian movie will be screened in Pakistani cinema. She said a policy is being formulated to ban every type of Indian cultural content in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has also demanded a blanket ban on Pakistani artists, diplomats and bilateral relations with Pakistan and its people.

The AICWA demanded strict “say no to Pakistan” for trade and bilateral relation.

“In relation to Pakistani government banning Indian movies in Pakistan AICWA urges all the film industries to put a complete stop to any association with Pakistani artists, musician, and diplomats,” read the statement released by the AICWA.

“Entire film industry and cine workers have refused to resume work, till there is a complete ban of Pakistani movie makers, artists, and trade partner,” the statement read.