ISLAMABAD -: Construction of Malal Bridge on Lehtarar Road will start shortly as financial bids for the project have been opened. The Capital Development Authority had earlier invited bids from construction firms through newspapers. NIT of the project was Rs100.818 million. Lowest bid amounting to Rs70.00 million has been received which is 22 per cent below estimated cost.

This is second development project by incumbent administration of Capital Development Authority on Lehtarar Road in short period of time. Construction of 700 meters dual road near PINSTEC is also part of the project. Construction of Burma Bridge at Lehtarar Road is also at final stage. Lehtarar Road was dualised in 2007\2008, however, two important bridges i.e. Burma Bridge and Malal Bridge were not constructed at that time resulting in traffic congestion on road as regular feature causing problem for local population. People of the area were demanding construction of both bridges for long time.  Project will be completed in 12 months and at its completion.