LAHORE-The leading cricket organisers of Lahore has shown their reservation over the way the game is being run in the country and have also shown great concern over several clauses of the model constitution for clubs. 

In a sports magazine programme organised by former LCCA ad-hoc committee secretary Raja Asad, the leading cricket organizers, who have great contribution in the country’s cricket, were concerned over several clauses made mandatory for the clubs for registration and earn voting right. 

The organizers, who took part in the discussion to formulate a strategy to counter the PCB’s move, included Javed Zaman, Mian Aslam, Azhar Zaidi, Aamer Sohail, Mian Javed Ali, Nawab Mansoor, Shoaib Dar, Syed Tauqeer Ali, Raza Hameed, Imran Bucha, Tahir Shah, Sarfraz Ahmad and Sardar Naushad. 

They were of the view that Pakistan culture is not like the other cricket playing countries like England, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand, where societies and colonies are systematically divided. In those countries playing fields and grounds are attached with gymnasium and swimming pools. But in Pakistan especially in Lahore, grounds have been overtaken by commercial plazas and housing societies. Even the clubs organisers have to overcome several hardships to keep in running their clubs on regular basis. Several clubs to a minimum of five to six have to content with one ground. 

The major nursery of Lahore, Minto Park, has been turned into Greater Iqbal Park and the cricket grounds there have not yet been fully functional as it used to be. The circular road surrounding, the walled city is no more feasible enough for playing. Lahore has a few grounds remaining at Greater Iqbal Park formerly Minto Park, Baba ground, Chouburji Quarters, Government College Baby Ground, Punjab University and MAO College grounds. 

For a big locality of Gulshan-e-Ravi and surrounding areas, there is no ground. The nearest most ground in the area is the newly-build Sabzazar Stadium, which is quite far away from Gilshan-e-Ravi. There is one ground at Samanabad - Dungi Ground and on the other side, Wahdat Eaglets ground, they added. 

On way to the Gaddafi Stadium, there is Shah Faisal ground, while Garden Town did not have a ground. Punjab University grounds are not open for public. Opposite to it has the Faisal Town ground. The only proper cricket grounds, four to be precise, in the area are found in the Model Town. Another one of the major nurseries of the city is at Hazarat Mian Mir Stadium Dharampura and Sadar Bazar. There is no South Zone, which is the remaining half of the city and there is also not proper ground there too,” they maintained. 

A few societies are also not equipped with the facilities made mandatory in the PCB Constitution for clubs. These grounds did not have gymnasiums, pools, with the exception of few no proper change rooms, rooms for umpire, proper stripes (wickets) for practice. 

Years and years have passed, the cricket organisers have struggled to get a regular sponsor for the clubs to buy basic small equipment like wickets, balls, bats, pads and gloves etc. The expenses of those equipments are hardly met by the club organisers set aside fulfilling other needs and then hiring coaches, trainers, physios or running an academy. 

They also identified that a talented cricketer always comes from an average family and how come he bears the expenses of joining an academy, the PCB wants the clubs to have. In these circumstances, having a ground with gymnasium and pool and other major facilities can only be dreamt of. 

The organisers believe the help for the clubs will only be coming for those, who are a rubber stamp and yes-men of the people at the helm and not for those who identify the mistakes being done by the big shots now ruining the game.