ISLAMABAD          -      Hina Dilpazeer is a Pakistani actress, comedian and host. She is an ultimate powerhouse of talent. Hina got married in 1992, with the man of her choice. In her recent interview, she told that she fell in love with Ahmed at a young age as he was good-looking and a good hearted man. They did not have any major differences but later due to severe aggression her husband suddenly divorced her for majorly no reason.  At that time Hina was 23 and her son Mustafa was only 3 years old. Hina does not have any complaints from her husband, all she has in her heart and mind are good memories of both of them. She believes her husband just came, played his role and left her life but taught her many lessons. Later many years after her divorce, she joined the industry and raised her child all alone. After her divorce Hina dedicated her life in the upbringing of Mustafa. She experienced downfall and again stood up for herself and her son time by time without any support.