ISLAMABAD-Police have rounded up three out of six dacoits who allegedly raped two married women after barging into a house in Sher Dhamial and looting gold, cash and mobile phones, informed a police spokesman on Monday.

The accused have been identified as Rasib, Imran and Adil Kausar, he said. Officials of Police Station (PS) Lohi Bher have registered a case against six robbers under sections 395 and 376ii of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) on complaint of Muhammad Akhtar, he said. 

According to contents of First Information Report (FIR), the applicant recorded his statement with police that he has been living in a rented house in Sher Dhamial, the precinct of PS Lohi Bher, for last five years and working in a kiln. 

He said he along with his family was sleeping in his house when six armed dacoits stormed into his house and made the entire family hostage on gunpoint on 8 August.  

“I was sleeping on the rooftop and two dacoits came upstairs and tied me with ropes,” he said. He added the dacoits looted gold, cash and mobile phones from his family and later on locked the family members including children in a room while took his wife and sister-in-law to another room where they raped them. 

The complainant mentioned that he identified three out of six accused as Rasib, Imran and Adil Kausar. Whereas, two accused were being called as Pappu and Samar by their accomplices, he told the police. 

After committing the crime, the dacoits managed to flee from the house whereas he approached the house owner to get his mobile phone to alert the police about the occurrence of incident, the spokesman said.   He said that IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar and DIG (Operations) Waqar Uddin Syed took notice of the crime and directed SP (Rural) Farooq Amjad Butar to ensure immediate arrest of criminals.  SP (Rural) constituted a team under supervision of DSP Rukhsar Mehdi and assigned to ensure immediate arrest of criminals. 

The team investigated the matter through modern techniques and succeeded to arrest three alleged persons identified as Rasib, Imran and Adil. They are being further investigated and police team is hopeful to arrest their accomplices. It has been revealed that Rasib and Imran remained jail birds due to their involvement in dacoity and rape cases.

IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar and DIG (Operations) Waqar Uddin Syed have appreciated this performance of Lohi Bher police team and further directed for effective policing measures.