KARACHI           -        Sindh Minister for Local Government, Information, Forests and Religious Affairs Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that the restrictions imposed under the lockdown on the opening of beauty parlors, playgrounds and shrines in the province to protect human lives from the coronavirus have finally been lifted after five months.

In a statement released here on Monday, he said marriage halls, shopping centers, malls and all educational institutions would open from September 15, while the Home Department had also issued a formal notification in this regard.

According to Nasir Hussain Shah, according to the decisions taken by the Sindh’s Corona Taskforce, the provincial government had decided to end the lockdown in the province. “Prevention against the plague is by far the only cure,” he said, and added, “The Sindh government sincerely respects the court decisions and it is its principled position that no effort should be spared in the service of the people.”

Nasir claimed despite stormy conditions during the recent rains, the diligence with which the provincial ministers remained busy helping the people on the streets has made it clear which party has the most pain in its heart for the people. He further said that the vision of the Sindh government was nothing, but public welfare. “Rain emergency will remain in place until the monsoon season ends,” the provincial minister said, and added that illegal constructions from all drains would be removed in phases.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah categorically said that billboards would not be allowed anywhere in the city in the light of the directives given by the Supreme Court. “Protection of human lives will be ensured,” he said.

Nasir also advised the schools and marriage halls owners to be patient, and not to open their businesses ahead of September 15.