Indian home minister P Chidambaram has announced a massive overhaul of the country's security and intelligence agencies in the wake of last month's Mumbai attacks. Palaniappan Chidambaram made the announcement while addressing Lok Sabha members during the Parliament session here on Thursday. The home minister said India had evidence the Mumbai terror attacks had originated from Pakistani soil. Government will introduce a set of bills to strengthen security measures, said Chidambaram, and urged the Lok Sabha to pass the bills to strengthen preventive, investigative and prosecution measures, including the one to set up a national investigative agency in this session itself. The home minister has said the government will beef up coastal security forces, create a national investigative agency, better train local police and strengthen anti-terror laws. India will set up 20 counter-insurgency and anti-terror schools for training commandos from police forces, he said. Intelligence gathering and sharing to be made more effective and result-oriented, he added.