PESHAWAR Security forces and Peshawar Police in a joint operation destroyed several hideouts of militants in Mattani Adezai area and arrested 11 suspected militants here on Thursday. Sources informed that the operation was launched on Thursday night upon reports regarding the presence of militants in the area. Prior to the operation, security forces ordered the people to close down all the bazars and not come out of their houses. During the search operation, security forces destroyed six houses of suspected militants while 11 others were arrested. The areas where the operation was launched include Sharaki, Adezai and Mattani area where the people expressed pleasure over the security forces crackdown and termed it a positive step to get rid of militants and anti-social elements. It is pertinent to mention here that the Mattani area is of one of the strongholds of the suspected Taliban where they normally launch attacks from at night, and escape to after committing crimes. Mattani and Adezai are also adjacent to the lawless tribal area and Frontier regions of Kohat; and Darra Adam Khail, from where militants get arms and ammunitions. A month ago, Nazim Adezai Abdul Malik was also targeted in the same area when he visited the livestock market for getting sacrificial animals. He was killed along with 15 others including his sons and several others persons of the area.