ISLAMABAD Security forces have killed five more terrorists and one soldier was martyred while another got injured in Shakai Sector in South Waziristan. According to ISPR press release issued here on Thursday, a soldier embraced Shahadat and another was injured at Khassadar Ridge, while five terrorists were killed near Kaniguram. In Shakai Sector, notables and administration of the area assured complete cooperation and support to security forces for the ongoing operation against the terrorists. Security forces cleared Nanu and destroyed terrorists houses at Barwand including the house of terrorists commander Wali ur Rehman. On expiry of the deadline given to terrorists, Jirga destroyed the house of local terrorists commander Shabeeb Khan in Shakkai. Security forces carried out sanitization at Partigai near Ahmadwam and Kazha Kats, in Jandola sector. The also cleared 30 compounds in area around Abdullah Nur Kaskai, Bangiwala and Aka Khel Pungai. In Razmak Sector, they security forces carried out search operation at village Marobi Raghozai near Makeen, Tara Tiza and recovered an ammunition factory along with huge cache of arms ammunition. The security forces conducted clearance operation near Pash Ziarat and found a terrorists tunnel (50 feet long) and 10 bunkers besides apprehending a suspect near Mana. As far as Operation Rah e Rast is concerned, the security forces conducted search operation at Azad Banda near Sakhra and recovered 10 liters of poisonous chemical along with 6 Kgs explosives. They also apprehended 3 suspects at Pabbi, Dandai Sar near Fatehpur and Tilligram while a terrorist voluntarily surrendered himself to security forces at Roria near Gulibagh. A total of 20,976 Cash Cards have been issued to displaced families of Wazirsitan. Meanwhile, security forces during search operation demolished three houses of militants in Koza Bandai area, while three militants were arrested in the Fateh Poor and Telegram area on Thursday. Sources said that the militants whose houses were demolished were identified as Israr, Inayat and Rafiullah. All three militants were wanted by security forces in cases of various terrorist activities. Meanwhile, three other terrorists were arrested and one other handed over himself to security forces in Charbagh area. Furthermore, security forces recovered 10-liter chemicals and six kilograms of explosives in Matta Bara Banda area.