Two landmarks of a single province in Pakistan, Wahdat Road and Wahdat Colony being adjacent to my residence are a daily reminder of the making of the One Unit that was later abruptly broken up by a dictator without giving it a chance to prove the blessings it could have brought us. The disastrous spiral of downward descent in our national affairs that began from there now seems to have become uncontrollable. Our plight, political and economic, is alarming. We are shamelessly and constantly begging from the arrogant Indian leadership for a useless dialogue that is just not forthcoming. From the rest of the world we are begging, with the same desperate anguish, for financial help. Attention of our enemies is, meanwhile, focussed on our sovereignty and our nuclear assets. The greatest of our misfortunes, though, are our pernicious political leaders and bureaucrats that are propelling the ship of the state towards dangerous waters in pursuit of their vested interests. I for one, in these circumstances, would welcome any dictator who promises to revive the single province in order to save Pakistan and before he goes back to the barracks. -MASOOD HUSAIN, Lahore, December 4.