ISLAMABAD (AFP) The Nobel prize is for those who have made achievements, but Obama is a killer, Jabir Aftab, an engineer living in the shadow of bomb attacks in Peshawar, said Thursday. As President Barack Obama conceded others may be more deserving of the prize he won for international diplomacy, there was anger and bewilderment in northwest Pakistan where many blame the United States for a surge in violence. He is the president of a country which has a history of bloodshed and rises to a quarrel. How was he selected for this prize? said 27-year-old Aftab. Since Obama took office, US drone strikes targeting Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants in northwest tribal belt have increased, enraging locals who say the attacks kill civilians and violate the nations sovereignty. Drone attacks are becoming routine. It creates anger among local residents and produces more militancy, said Aftab. In Peshawars Gulberg neighbourhood, administrator Mushtaq Mohmand agreed. Obama may be good for his nation but as an American president his reputation in this part of the world is terrible, he said. Everybody knows the presence of the American army in this region is the root cause of the problems. People are dying in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in Iraq because of Obama policies, he added. Mohammad Majid, a 26-year-old teacher, also expressed shock. He does not deserve this award. I think he should refuse to take it, he said. Security in Pakistan has plummeted since Islamabad joined the US-led war on terror after the September 11, 2001 attacks, prompting a backlash among the population as extremists declared war on the government. Munawar Hassan, who heads Jamaat-e-Islami, said Obamas policies made a mockery of the prize. Today peace is war, ammunition and bombardment... if this is called peace in todays world, no one is more deserving for the Nobel peace prize than Obama, he said. More than 2,680 people have been killed in militant attacks in Pakistan in the past two and a half years and around 2,000 soldiers have died fighting against homegrown militants in the northwest. But Obama has put Pakistan at the heart of the war on Al-Qaeda and his administration has put huge pressure on the weak civilian government to do more to hunt down militants based in Pakistan who attack US troops in Afghanistan. Obamas decision to send an extra 30,000 troops to Afghanistan where an eight-year war against the Taliban at its deadliest, announced nine days before Thursdays ceremony, also raised eyebrows in Pakistans war-torn neighbour. In eastern Afghanistan, where President Hamid Karzais office said six civilians were killed during a NATO-led raid this week, sparking student protests shouting death to America, people were angry. I dont think he deserves the Nobel peace prize, nor has he done anything significant for peace yet, literature student Mir Wais told AFP in Jalalabad. His order to send 30,000 extra forces to Afghanistan clearly shows he prefers war to peace... He talks of peace but actions show he wants war. Amanullah, a 45-year-old shopkeeper elsewhere in the city was scathing. This is not a peace prize. This is a war prize. Obama sends 30,000 extra troops to Afghanistan for war, to fight, not for a picnic.