The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) recently increased prices of various petroleum products from Rs. 4.37 to Rs. 5.73 per liter on the plea of shifting impact of international hike. That hit the public like a bolt from the blue. In the neighbouring India immediately before Eid, substantial relief was allowed to the consumer on each byproduct of oil despite rise of prices in the international market. Our government continues to charge high taxes on oil and its byproducts despite the fact that more then 40 per cent of oil consumed in our country is acquired through home production on which neither international freight nor other expenses are incurred like the imported oil. The impact of increase, if any, instead of passing on to consumer should, therefore, be conveniently adjusted against the taxes recovered by government to rationalize the unreasonable oil pricing formula. With the present economic crisis blowing in the economy like a hurricane, there is no justification for such an increase as it would only cause more financial troubles for the people at large. -QAZI SALEEM, Old Hala, December 6.