ISLAMABAD President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday resolved to guard his legal rights and position against allegations of corruption despite the governments declaration not to defend the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) in the apex court. To safeguard his position in the face of growing public criticism for being the top beneficiary of the NRO, the President held an exclusive meeting with Ch Aitizaz Ahsan, the PPPs legal wizard. Although the Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar was not available despite repeated efforts, sources in the Presidency confirmed to TheNation that the Baristar Aitizaz Ahsan held a dinner meeting with the President. According to the sources, it was Aitizazs first meeting after the restoration of his membership of the PPPs Central Executive Council (CEC) by the President himself last week in capacity of Co-Chairperson of the party. The sources said that Aitizaz proposed a roadmap to rescue the President from the state of being inundated with corruption allegations and accusations of benefiting from the notorious NRO. The opening of NRO Pandora box had left the President in a precarious state of affairs as the records being presented in the apex court were showing him as the top beneficiary of the infamous Ordinance. Therefore, he required defending his position distinctly from the rest of the NRO beneficiaries, irrespective, of its fate to be decided by the court.