If a political party in power gives some money to some poor Pakistanis as charity out of the national exchequer, the charity-getters regard the charity as a loan. They are very conscientious souls. They pay back the charity money by voting for the party in the elections. They feel proud that they are no longer under the debt. But what does the party feel? It is a political mystery. Obviously, it is illegal to buy votes. But buying a vote is illegal only if you buy it with your own money. But if you are in power and pour some public money into the poor voters' pockets and the voters express their gratitude by pouring their votes into your pocket then there is nothing illegal about it. In a democratic country where the masses are economically miserable, democracy is a naked tyranny. As vultures thrive on carrion, so does democracy thrive on the misery of the masses in a poor country. In most of the democratic countries the masses live miles and miles below the poverty line and the democratically elected rulers live miles and miles above the prosperity line. In most of the African democracies millions of children die of starvation every year. They are not killed by starvation. They are killed by the national democracy. The elected rules are the blue-eyed boys of the national democracy. The democracy showers all the national resources on the rulers with the condition that their lifestyle must out-style the lifestyle of the princes. They obey the command slavishly. Most of the contemporary democracies are exploiting the empty stomachs of the masses. Empty stomachs are bonanzas for the professional politicians. The politician can easily buy from a starving citizen his vote for a handful of potato chips. This sort of business is not available to the politicians of a country where the masses have their stomachs well-stuffed. Do these politicians envy the politicians of the countries where the masses are empty stomached? One simply wonders In a country where the masses are miserable, democracy is pure hypocrisy. This kind of democracy is a modern version of imperialism. But there is a difference. Whereas the past imperialism was a creation of Europe, its modern version is an indigenous affair. Under the past imperialism, the European brigands looted the non-Europeans across the globe. Under the indigenous imperialism, the indigenous brigands loot their own compatriots. Under most of the modern democracies the masses are miserable. Their stomachs are, generally, empty. An empty stomach means an empty brain. Can an empty brain have the foggiest idea of the complexities of the modern political chicaneries? Obviously, an empty brain is as easily gullible as a newly born baby. This gullibility guarantees the politician's political prosperity. Naturally, the politician does whatever he can to make the empty stomachs more and more empty. America has created a new brand of democracy. It may be called Military Democracy. America imposed this democracy on Iraq. The democracy created suicidal attacks. The attacks reddened the whole of Iraq with the blood of the Iraqis. The exact number of the Iraqis killed shall never be known. Virtually, the democracy performed the function of a weapon of mass destruction. Encouraged by the democratic destruction in Iraq, America imposed its military democracy also on Afghanistan. Under the military democracy, Afghanistan has become the corruptest country of the region. America has warned the Afghanistan president to exterminate corruption or get ready for his own extermination. The warning is nonsensical. Actually, the corruption is created by America's military democracy. America should blame itself for the corruption. America has spent phenomenal sums of money for destroying Iraq and Afghanistan. The masses of most of the Asian, African and South American countries are living miserably. If the money America has spent on destroying Iraq and Afghanistan had been spent on destroying the misery of the masses of the three continents, the human misery would have fled the globe. But no America firmly believes that her prosperity depends on the misery of the rest of the world. The greater the global misery, the greater is America's prosperity. The writer is an academic.