NEW YORK-Underscoring Pakistans security concerns vis-a-vis India, President Asif Ali Zardari has urged the United States to demonstrate 'neutrality and step up efforts to 'mediate on the decades-old dispute between the two South Asian countries. In an article published in The New York Times on Thursday, Zardari also called for an even-handed scrutiny of New Delhi and acknowledgment of the fact that India has been playing a destabilising role in the South Asian region. While welcoming US 7.5 billion dollars pledge over the next five years for non-military projects in Pakistan,he said:This long-term commitment must be complemented by short-term policies that demonstrate American neutrality and willingness to help India and Pakistan overcome their mutual distrust. It could start by stepping up its efforts to mediate the Kashmir dispute. President Zardari, who covers a wide range of topics in his article, outlined the democratic governments agenda and its accomplishments as also the progress made by Pakistans military in combating the militants. He also analysed the 'deep suspicions existing between Pakistan and the United States, despite being allies. Zardari said that there is a massive anti-America feeling prevailing in Pakistan, which stems from regional issues, particularly policies concerning India. 'I know it is the conventional wisdom in Washington that my nation is obsessed with India. But even to those of us who are striving toward accommodation and peace, the long history and the unresolved situation in Kashmir give Pakistanis reason to be concerned about our neighbour to the east, President said. 'Just as the Israeli-Palestinian dispute cannot be resolved without accommodating the Palestinian people, there cannot be permanent regional peace in South Asia without addressing Kashmir, he added. Terming his countrys media as 'hyperactive, the President stressed that any doubts in the US regarding Pakistans civilian regime were uncalled for. 'Pakistans democratically elected government is unambiguously on the right path towards establishing a moderate and modern nation, Zardari added. In his article titled 'How to Mend Fences with Pakistan, Zardari said he along with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is working closely with National Assembly and military and intelligence agencies to defeat the Taliban insurgency and the al-Qaeda-backed campaign of terrorism. 'Simultaneously, we are pursuing policies that will re-establish Pakistan as a vibrant economic market and finally address the long-neglected weaknesses in our education, health, agriculture and energy sectors. This isnt just rhetoric - it is an active policy with new budget priorities and a reoriented national mindset, he said. 'Over the last weeks I have moved forcefully to re-establish the traditional powers of the Presidency as defined in the Parliamentary model on which our Constitution is based. Our Constitution was distorted and perverted by military dictators who usurped the legal powers of Parliament, he added. In accordance with the manifesto of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Zardari said, he is working towards strengthening the separation of powers of the Presidency from those of the Prime Minister. 'Recently, I voluntarily handed back the chairmanship of the National Command Authority that exercises control over Pakistans nuclear arsenal. Contrary to some of the commentary on the subject, this is not a sign of weakness, but rather a demonstration of the vitality of Pakistani democracy, Zardari said.