ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Thursday reiterated that India has been interfering, through Afghanistan, into Pakistan, saying that he himself had asked his Indian counterpart to stop New Delhis involvement in backing terrorist activities. Fact was already brought to notice in writing with the joint statement issued after my meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Sharm el Sheikh, he told media after a function on Human Rights Day here. When inquired regarding the prevailing controversy between Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs over Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan, Premier Gilani categorically stated that he personally warned his Indian counterpart about heinous Indian involvement in Pakistan through Afghanistan. He also mentioned the statements of US officials, saying that they would talk to India in this regard. As far as the evidence is concerned, it is the government and militarys prerogative to when and where provide them, he added. Gilani dispelled rumours of governments instability and said, We have been given the mandate of five years and others should wait for this term to complete. Asked whether the government would take any action against those who confined the missing persons illegally, Gilani said that so far one phase of recovery was underway while action on the next would be decided later. He termed the recovery of missing persons as his governments major achievement. Responding to another question, PM said that the Balochs are loyal and their patriotism was un-doubtful as they had a great role in the formation of Pakistan. He said he was ready to talk to all Baloch leaders to bring them into national mainstream. He said the government was also considering 'general pardon for all leaders in Balochistan not involved in heinous crimes. He also mentioned the withdrawal of 89 cases against leaders and activists of different political parties in the province by the government, adding that 93 had been freed earlier. Regarding frequent drone attacks inside Pakistan, the Prime Minister said it always proved counter-productive against the governments efforts to distinguish militants from peaceful tribes. We are taking up the issue on a diplomatic level, he said adding, We would succeed to convince the Americans in this regard, he hoped. About MQM chief Altaf Hussains remarks that his party was capable of eradicating militancy in hours if given chance, the Prime Minister said Altaf was the governments coalition partner and we will seek his advice.