ISLAMABAD - The inflation based on Consumer Price Index surged by 10.26 per cent in the first five months (July-November) of this year over the same period of last fiscal year, Federal Bureau of Statistics reported on Thursday. According to the figures released by Federal Bureau of Statistics, CPI based inflation has surged by 10.26 per cent in first five months of 2009-10 over the same period of last fiscal year. Meanwhile, inflation base on Sensitive Price Index has increased by 9.03 per cent in the period review, whereas inflation based on Wholesale Price Indicator has soared by 3.44 per cent in July-November of ongoing financial year over corresponding period of 2008-09. Economic experts said that if oil prices in international remain on the increasing trend, inflation in rest of the months would further enhance in Pakistan as the oil price was the factor that pushed up the inflation to its highest levels in the last year 2008. The government has projected 9.5 per cent annual inflation target for 2009-10. However, with the increasing oil prices inflation would never come in the single digit, economists believed. The figures of the Federal Bureau of Statistics revealed that CPI inflation in the month of November 2009 surged by 10.51 per cent over the same month of 2008, while SPI soared by 10.75 per cent and WPI by 12.46 per cent, figures said. The break-up of CPI based on general inflation (10.51 per cent in November 2009) illustrated that apart from 11.13 per cent food inflation, apparel, textile and footwear inflation soared by 4.72 per cent in September 2009 over the same period of the last year. Similarly, house rents increased by 15.05 percent. The fuel prices augmented by 5.08 per cent, household, furniture and equipment by 5.67 per cent, transport and communication down by 4.65 per cent, recreation and entertainment up by 2.63 per cent, education became expensive by 13.43 per cent, cleaning and laundry rates swelled by 11.09 per cent and medicare rates shot up by 5.35 percent during the period under review. On month-on-month basis, the CPI based inflation ballooned by 1.39 per cent in November 2009 over October 2009. While inflation based on SPI increased by 2.49 per cent. Wholesale Price Indicator went up by 2.78 per cent. The prices of main commodities in the kitchen items, which increased in November over October 2009, are: Pulse moong 24.13 per cent, sugar 21.33 per cent, eggs 17.60 per cent, potatoes 12.22 per cent, pulse mash 7.86 per cent, tea 6.71 per cent, vegetables 5.64 per cent, spices 4.26 per cent, onions and fish 3.23 per cent each, gram whole 2.30 per cent, meat 2.08 per cent, readymade food 1.93 per cent, jam, tomato, pickles & vinegar 1.86 per cent, dry fruit 1.63 per cent, honey 1.13 per cent, cigarettes 1.06 per cent and wheat 1.04 per cent. Meanwhile, in apparel, textile and footwear group, woolen readymade garments 2.79 per cent, silk, linen, woolen/cloth 1.01 per cent and readymade garments 0.98 per cent. In transport and communication group prices of diesel 8.67 per cent, petrol 6.99 per cent, communication 2.09 per cent, service charges 1.15 per cent and tyre & tube 1.01 per cent in the period under review. Similarly, in cleaning laundry and personal appearance, prices of Jewellery 7.06 per cent, haircut & beauty parlour charges 2.43 per cent and laundry charges 0.99 per cent. While in fuel and lighting group, prices of Kerosene increased by 6.82 per cent, firewood 1.70 per cent and LPG 1.21per cent. The division of general inflation (2.78 per cent) based on WPI showed that food basket became costly by 9.59 per cent, raw materials, 20.19 per cent, fuel, lighting and lubricants 26.85 per cent, manufactures 7.42 per cent, and cost of building materials went down by 16.67 per cent in November over October 2009.