The terrorists are striking almost at will now. The ghastly incident during Friday's prayers has taken away precious innocent lives. Nearly half of them are children. The greatest homage this nation can pay to these and hundreds of other martyrs is to make a firm and resolute commitment to defeat this menace and eradicate from our society. In this hour of crisis, we must all rally behind our brave Armed Forces and help them win. I have personally known some of the martyrs and those who lost their near and dear ones. My deepest condolences to their families in this hour of trial. May Allah Almighty give them the courage and fortitude to bear the irreparable loss of their loved ones. While the condemnations come, it is about time we decided what we want to do. Do we want to fight these terrorists or do we want to give in to their agenda? In these disturbing times, the idea of community policing should be looked into so that the burden on our law enforcement agencies is shared. It is high time that we chastise certain prominent mullahs/muftis who always shy away from condemning these gruesome acts of violence. If these people do not come forward openly against the heinous acts committed with full force, then the government must take exemplary action against them. Their repeated rants on TV against our brave Army creates doubt in people's minds and that is a source of comfort for these murderers. We certainly can live without a few of them. -BRIG. (Rtd) AKHTAR ZAMIN, Karachi, December 5.