ISLAMABAD Young police officers commitment to law enforcement was revealed when one of them, a young ASP, chased a fleeing US embassy vehicle after it deliberately ignored the polices request at a picket to stop and broke through the picket instead. The ASP gave them chase and brought the Americans back from two kilometres away from the picket and forced them to tender an apology to the police officials deployed there, sources said on Thursday. Sources said that the incident took place on Tuesday evening within the limits of Golra police station when police officials deployed at a picket established on Kashmir Highway near Golra morrh stopped a suspicious Black Land Cruiser with tinted glasses, registeration number GB 0332. But the luxury vehicles riders ignored the police signal and sped away. On this, the valiant police officer Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Saddar Circle Capt(R) Liaqat Ali Malik, who was present on the occasion, started chasing the vehicle and finally held the luxury vehicle near the Motorway, some 2 kms away from the picket, sources said. Sources said that ASP, along with two police officials, stopped the said vehicle by intercepting his car in front of the Land Cruiser near Motorway Chowk and asked the riders to step out of the vehicle for checking. But the Americans refused to comply with the police officer. The two arrogant Americans did not bother to come out of the car or even roll down their windows. Instead, they merely displayed their US embassy cards and diplomatic number plate. Also, almost immediately, the police officer also received a threatening call from the US embassy but he ignored all pressure. Quoting the ASP, sources mentioned that he said to the Americans, I can die but I will not let you go without conducting a search. You have only one option: come out of the vehicle and allow my officials to search and follow my vehicle towards the same picket where you have to apologise to all the officials deployed there as you people have violated the law. According to sources, after an exchange of harsh words, finally the Americans had to follow the police officer and they were made to apologise to all the police officials deployed at said picket. Only then did the officer let them leave. It is relevant to note here no arms and ammunitions were recovered from the said vehicle. When contacted ASP Capt (r) Liaqat Malik confirmed the incident but refused to share the details. He is naturally afraid that he may be taken to task for being a patriotic and conscientious officer given how the US has pressured senior officials to accept US nationals breaking the law with impunity.