ISLAMABAD Responding to TheNations story regarding Mega corruption in oil & gas sector, that appeared in the newspaper on Thursday, Hungary-based oil company MOL gives the following clarification: Presson Descon International (PDIL) has examined the said report, and would like to reiterate the facts, regarding the transparency and follow up of the rules and regulations for the award of the said projects. The said report gives an impression that a new scam has surfaced in the Oil and Gas sector, whereas a similar article had appeared in the national press in the year 2007. The said matter was reported to the courts at the highest judicial level. Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi Bench, had evaluated and passed its verdict on the authenticity and adherence to procurement rules and regulations in transparent award of the said project. The award of two projects to a contractor; Presson Descon International by the Hungarian oil & gas company, MOL Group; was made in March 2004 and November 2007, respectively. MOL is a large multinational organisation, which follows strict adherence to systems and procedures, as clarified in the said news of yesterday, by MOL representative. MOL had already stated that its screening process was based on pre-defined criteria and certain applicants passed that criteria while a number of others could not. These projects were set up on the concession, which is owned jointly by MOL, OGDCL, PPL, POL and Govt. Holding and the award process is subject to the scrutiny of these partners. MOL and its partners decision regarding the award was challenged by one of the unqualified parties in the courts of law, including civil court, session court, Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi bench and it was held at all levels that the decision by MOL and its partners, was transparent and the process was totally as per rules and regulations and no discrepancy was found. Lahore High Court decision was then challenged in the Supreme Court and after wasting significant time, the petition was withdrawn by the same party and the matter was closed. Subsequently, the project was successfully completed and is contributing towards meeting the challenges of gas shortages faced by the nation. It is important to note that the ownership of Presson Descon International is equally split between two large organisations, one being Descon Engineering and the other a well-reputed Canada based company Enerflex Systems which has been operating for the last thirty years and has earned a respectable stature in the oil & gas services sector, worldwide. Furthermore the appointment of Abdul Razak Dawood, as Minister of Commerce ended in November 2002 well before the award of the two projects contrary to what has been published in the newspapers. TheNation offers following arguments in support of its news item. 1) The nature and contents of the article published in 2007 and the one published by this newspaper on Thursday are different as our article involves the factual and legal correspondence between a legal counsel, and government institutions. (Some contents of documentary proved would be published in a follow-up story). 2) We never raised any question in our story regarding the completion of projects and the ownership of Presson Descon. 3) The extract related to Mr Razzaq Dawood as Commerce Minister implied that Mr Dawood was the Minister during Pervaiz Musharrafs tenure, and enjoyed close association with the former President. It did not mean to indicate that Mr Dawood used his influence as serving Minister. 4) TheNation repeatedly contacted all the accused parties in the story so as to avoid subjectivity and unrealistic reporting. The officials of MOL had shown compliance, and there explanation was given a substantial space in the story (the content related to a former internal auditor of MOL would be published in the follow-up story). Some other parties to the story showed reluctance to talk to this newspaper and their version could not be published therefore TheNation stands by its story.