The recent decision of US President Barack Obama of sending more troops to Afghanistan is yet another mistake of his administration. It has been almost a decade since the war in Afghanistan started and it has continued without any US accomplishment in sight. Millions of people have been deprived of peace and stability, not to mention the thousands of innocents that have been killed or maimed. One must question the intention and objectives of the perpetrators of this war now and ask what change have they brought and what promises fulfilled? Afghanistan continues to be a cesspool of poverty, corruption and unending human rights violations. I think the time has come for the US administration and NATO to think of first withdrawing from Afghanistan and then engaging countries of the region that can play a pivotal role in bringing stability and peace to this troubled land. The war has failed and the Obama administrations current initiative is unlikely to salvage it. -AHSAN RAZA FIRDOUSI, Karachi, December 4.