I have been appalled to see some photographs of fashionable ladies holding placards, in nearly all the daily newspapers of December 10. These ladies were supposed to be protesting about the growing terrorism in the country. I have two points to submit. first, these ladies, it is evident from the placards they are holding, hurriedly scribbled some slogan on the cards, held them helter-skelter and then posed for the pictures. All the placards were so badly prepared that it became more than evident that these ladies were only interested in getting photographed for the newspapers and nothing else. Two, why these ladies think that by holding these ugly charts in their hands will deter the terrorists from indulging in terror. For terrorists all these posters have no meaning. Our revered interior minister is also holding meetings with religious leaders in order to gain their support to crush terrorism. Isn't it like living in fools paradise? By meeting these Ulama, Mr Rahman is only trying to befool us and he is not at all successful in his effort. I would like to ask Mr. Rehaman a question. Why are the Americans allowed to go scot-free when they are caught using heavy vehicles with tinted glasses and carrying sophisticated weapons? Can any Pakistan do that in the United States of America? NARGIS ISPHAHANI, Karachi, December 10.