MUMBAI The last Test match played between New Zealand and Pakistan at Basin Reserve in Wellington coincided with the 50th Test played at that ground (only the 11th ground in the world to host 50 cricket matches) had been a memorable event for Wyvern Hunt and his family though Vettoris team could not achieve the unbeatable lead. Certainly do not believe, I am the oldest spectator in New Zealand though I maybe the oldest in Wellington. Eric Tindall, who played both cricket and rugby for New Zealand and also umpired international cricket and rugby, is now the oldest living cricketer in the world but at 98 he has now in poor health and has not been able to attend matches in recent times, Wyvern Hunt said from his home. Both India and Pakistan are popular tourists to New Zealand despite the obvious political situation and are very welcome here especially by the resident Indians and Pakistanis. Pakistan team plays a slightly less disciplined style of cricket than India and suffer more than most countries with controversial off field problems. I watched cricket in England and Australia as well as many of the five days of each of 50 Tests to be played on the historic Basin Reserve and have supported my children and grandchildren in their love of the game. I am thrilled to have been able to watch the game, he said.