RAWALPINDI (Online) - Residents of various areas along Kuri road have demanded of the district administration to take immediate measures to repair the dilapidated roads, causing hardships for them. The residents of these localities are facing serious problems owing to the broken roads at various places, as the authorities concerned are reluctant to pay heed to the matter of public concern. The road has been broken at various places for installation of water pipelines but it has not been repaired despite the passing of many months. The local residents said that some months ago, the road was dug up for the installation of new water pipelines but since then, the authorities have not paid any heed towards its repair. The digging of the roads has also damaged the drainage system at some places where stagnant drainage water is causing serious problems for the residents. The residents further said they have been trying to convey their concerns to high officials but so far not a single step has been taken to address the problem. Meanwhile, residents of E-Block, Satellite Town have also complained of the problems they are facing due to the faulty drainage system, urging the authorities concerned to take immediate measures to redress the issue. They said the dirty water comes out of the drains, causing atmospheric pollution all around.