LAHORE Interior Minister Rehman Malik reiterated on Tuesday that India was involved in acts of terrorism in Pakistan, and the government would come up with proofs at appropriate time. Talking to media at Jinnah Hospital on Thursday, he said seizing of four trucks loaded with Indian-made weapons at Bara on Wednesday was a testimony to Indian involvement in fuelling terrorism. Without naming any country, the Interior Minister said a few ambassadors were also involved in providing arms and ammunition to the militants, but according to Geneva Convention, the government could not take any action against them. He said Pakistan had urged major world powers to take up this matter seriously. He said Pakistan would retaliate with full force against any country, including India, if it was found conspiring against the country. Such a country would be exposed at all world fora, he added. Malik said Pakistan had informed the USA about Indian involvement in Balochistan. He said suicide bombers were Pakistanis but foreign powers were using them to advance their agenda in Pakistan. We should find out traitors from amongst ourselves, he said, adding Unless we put our own house in order, things would not improve. He said it was time that all political forces should get united and think above politics. He said all sections of the society should condemn terrorism, as had been done by ulema in Karachi and Lahore. He said the country was at war at the moment and law-enforcement agencies were doing their best to control the situation. When asked about arrest of foreigners from Sargodha which also included five Americans, the Interior Minister replied that his ministry had sought a report from Punjab Government in this regard. To a question about Hafiz Saeed, the minister said Pakistan would follow its Constitution and rules and would not accept any dictation from any country in this regard. He, however, made it clear Pakistan would not allow its soil to be used to carry out terrorist activities against any country. He said if India had any proof of Pakistan soil being used by terrorists, it should share the information with Pakistan. He grilled India for not awarding punishment to the culprits involved in Samjhota train blast, saying that 65 Pakistanis killed in the incident were also human beings like those who had lost their lives in Mumbai attack. Their families too protest in Islamabad to seek justice but India was not interested in exposing real culprits, he said, adding the only reason why the major suspect Colonel Prohit was not being apprehended was that he was an Indian. Responding to a question about drone attacks, Malik said the government was opposed to these attacks and all the four provincial assemblies, the Senate and the National Assembly had passed resolutions against these intrusions by the US forces. He urged US being a champion of democracy should respect the voice of Pakistans democratic institutions. Meanwhile, addressing an ulema moot here, Rehman Malik ruled out presence of any US terrorist in Pakistan, saying that those talking of presence of Blackwater should come up with proof. He said 411 US diplomats were allowed in Pakistan out of which only 289 were present at the moment, and were occupying 179 houses which is less than the legal number of houses that they can occupy. He said the US could occupy more if they desired so.