The United States House of Representatives has approved $ 1.459 billion in assistance for Pakistan for the fiscal year 2010 as it passed a massive American $ 1.1 trillion appropriations bill Thursday. The aid will be spent under Kerry-Lugar-Berman legislation passed by the U.S. Congress earlier this year and is part of the FY 2010 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill.Under the measure, $ 1.035 billion will be allocated as economic support fund for Pakistan while other expenditure heads include health, law enforcement and security. The U.S. Senate is expected to okay the Appropriations Bill this weekend. The measures provides for $ 2.611 in economic and development assistance for Afghanistan in the fiscal year 2010. In the new year U.S. will also spend $ 268 million on foreign military financing for Pakistan. The State and Foreign Appropriations help protect American national security through effective diplomacy and development, the text of the bill says. It provides needed assistance to frontline states like Afghanistan and Pakistan and promotes security, economic development, health, education, food security, and environmental protection around the world. According to sources, although the economic situation in the United States has led to slashing some of funds in some areas in the deficit-expanding appropriations bill, allocations for Pakistan and Afghanistan have largely been approved by the lawmakers keeping in view the importance the U.S. attaches to its curren policy toward the region. The U.S. has already endorsed $ 1.6 billion for Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund for the fiscal year 2010. The CSF provides for reimbursement of expenditure that Pakistan incurs in providing infrastructure facilities to the coalition. Besides, the U.S. will also spend $ 700 million on Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund in the new fiscal year. The program is dedicated to bolstering the anti-terror partners ability to combat insurgents in the restive regions along the Afghan border. This way the total U.S. allocation for Pakistan in the year 2010 will be $ 3.8 billion.