WASHINGTON - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declined comment on Thursday on the arrests of the five suspected US nationals in Pakistan for alleged link to terror groups. She was responding to reporters questions Wednesday while appearing with visiting Ukranian Foreign Minister Petro Poroshenko. The five, along with a local Pakistani, were taken into custody following a raid on a house in Sargodha. They were being held for alleged links to the banned religious outfit Jaish-e-Muhammad and for suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. American print and electronic media gave wide coverage to the story. Responding a broader question, Clinton said the United States is well aware of the threats around the world. We know that much of the training and the direction for terrorists comes from Pakistan and the border area with Afghanistan, she said. She said the United States will remain 'very vigilant at home, and that 'we know weve got to work more closely with both Afghanistan and Pakistan to try to root out the infrastructure of terrorism that continues to recruit and train people. Monitoring Desk adds: US President Barack Obama has declined to comment on the arrests of five Americans in Pakistan over possible terrorism links, reported a private TV channel, quoting an American news agency. Talking to reporters in Oslo on Thursday, Obama said the 'twisted ideologies of terrorists can reach young people in the United States and affect them. But he called it 'remarkable how the US, since the 2001 terrorist attacks, has reaffirmed the 'extraordinary contributions of the Muslim-American community. He also said the communitys fierce American patriotism and integration has helped the US avoid some of the problems 'we have seen in other countries.