ISLAMABAD Pakistan would never compromise on its nuclear capability and nuclear deterrence and its security forces are fully capable of combating terrorism, Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said this during a weekly media briefing on Thursday. He added that Pakistani security forces did not need assistance from any country, neither there was any option of hot pursuit. To a question, FO spokesman said Pakistans stance was very much clear on nuclear issue. He also brushed aside reports of al-Qaeda leaderships presence in Pakistan saying, We have credible information that al-Qaeda leadership is not present on any part of the Pak soil. He said, Even US has admitted this (regarding whereabouts of al-Qaeda leadership). It is worth-mentioning here that some influential newspapers of the world had been posting spicy news stories regarding presence of al-Qaeda leadership in Pakistan on their web editions as well as in print. Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit to a query, strongly rejected the allegations and said the US authorities had acknowledged Pakistans efforts in quelling militancy and al-Qaeda from the region. It is important to note that President Zardari, a month back, also reacted strongly to reports regarding presence of al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership in Pakistan by the US newspapers as well as some intelligence agencies. According to FO spokesman, during a meeting with CIA Director Leon Panetta at his office last month President Zardari made it clear that Pakistan was seriously cooperating with the international community in war against terrorism and the sacrifices rendered by its security forces were irrefutable. Zardari again made it clear to the US that al-Qaeda and Taliban leaderships were not present on Pakistan soil adding the US leadership must share all kinds of information with Pakistan, as it was not our war only. Mr Zardari is said to have urged the CIA chief to get US drone attacks in Pakistani tribal areas stopped also. To another query, he said a delegation of Pakistani officials had been scheduled to visit US next week to discuss security issues. Also some of the US officials will soon visit Pakistan, he added. However, the spokesperson avoided giving details about arrest of five US nationals made in Sargodha. Replying to a question, spokesman said no progress has been made in composite dialogue with India and the ball is in Indias court. When asked about some Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails, he said Pakistan authorities were still in touch with Indians to secure their release.