ISLAMABAD US security forces are engaged in testing a new drone technology to be essentially used for airdropping items of basic necessity to US soldiers in Afghanistan in the event of suspension of their logistic supplies from Pakistan and other places. TheNation has learnt from well-placed sources that the proposed drone project would be completed by the time deployment of more than 30,000 US soldiers as reinforcement was completed in Afghanistan. It was further learnt that the proposed project was devised about one and half year ago as part of US contingency plan to meet essential logistics needs of its soldiers in Afghanistan in case militants succeed in cutting of their supplies largely from Pakistan. The cargo-specific new drones being manufactured in the US would be using launching facilities either from Bahrain-based Centom or sea-based US operations in the Indian Ocean. However, for the bulk supplies like oil or heavy military hardware, US apart from Pakistan would also try to find other means including Iran and Russia etc. Currently, the US is largely banking on Pakistan followed by Russia in meeting its logistic needs for US-led forces in Afghanistan.