Last night in London; I was at a fundraiser dinner hosted by His Excellency, Prince Charles. The Prince Charles Foundation had gone an extra mile to help and raise funds for the victims of floods in Pakistan. Apparently our own government has forgotten all about the problem. The black tie dinner gala was attended by a lot of multinational companies who operate in Pakistan; sadly not many Pakistani companies were present to take ownership. When we were introduced His Highness asked me about the numerous television channels in the country and why they had stopped giving coverage when millions were still homeless. For a man who is never at a loss for words I was totally lost for them. I was most impressed by the passionate appeal made by The Prince himself on behalf of the Pakistanis. His speech was direct, focused and very appealing. It was moving how he described the entire Pakistani nation and paid very high tribute to the humanitarian efforts and the resilience of the unfortunate victims who even today are facing all odds. At a time when most foreigners have something nasty to comment about Pakistan or its inhabitants, The Prince remained oblivious of any politics and focused on the humanitarian plight of the millions. There were of course some salient features of the very formal dinner gala. Some that will go down in the annals of history. For instance the attitude of Wajid Shamsul Hassan, the man as you may know is our High Commissioner in UK. During the Key Note address by His Highness, the High Commissioner did something that was not only unique but also eye-catching. No he did not donate any personal amounts. However, as the Prince started to speak, the High Commissioner just dozed off. Yes thats right, first he very smartly closed his eyes, as if in a trance and nodded frontwards. Then while some at the head table were wondering if he was in some kind of a spell he started snoring at a steady promptness. First it was slow, then picked pace and left everyone in a daze. It was embarrassing for those at the head table but was even more embarrassing for all of us who were witnessing this historic event for the first time. A lady present at the gala told me that this was a regular feature and the High commissioner was in a habit of catching up with his sleep at serious meetings or dinners. So much so for the quality of ambassadors that we send across? I was then informed by an organiser that the High Commissioner had initially refused to attend the dinner as he thought the amount generated was not adequate enough. Well I hate to inform him that the flood victims of Pakistan are not a responsibility of the Prince of Wales. What he is doing is remarkable. At a time when there is serious trust deficit far as the Pakistan government is concerned the Prince has undertaken the task to apprise the international community of the plight of the flood victims in Pakistan. The fundraiser gala was just a step towards mobilising the entire global population and taking ownership of the devastation. The Prince was very impressive not because he merely spoke the right words but with his body language, gestures and polite innuendoes throughout. He stayed till the very end and ate Pakistani food for dinner. There was special care taken as no alcohol was served at any time during the reception. The food I was told was specially prepared with Halal meat and I was impressed. Neither the organisers nor the British Crown Prince had to go to such lengths to keep the sanctity of the religion and Pakistanis in consideration whence their own representatives were oblivious to the entire effort. The Price Charles Foundation is already engaged in many philanthropic activities throughout the region including Pakistan, however the fact that his Highness takes personal interest and follows up at each step is not only a pleasant surprise but also very inspiring for all those associated with these noble charities. I wish our government and its representatives can learn a lesson or two from the British Monarchs and all I can say to the British Crown Prince is; Thank you Your Excellency, for your kind-heartedness, benevolence and munificence towards Pakistan.