All Pakistan Dry Ports Association (APDPA) Chairman Mohammad Ishaq Butt has expressed grave concern over the strike by Petroleum Dealers Association.

Talking to newsmen here at his office, the APDPA chief regretted that filling stations were closed in the entire South Punjab for indefinite period on the call given by the Petrol Dealers Association against the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), demanding more profit margins. They have even vowed to continue their strike and threatened countrywide closure of filling stations if their demands are not met.

Ishaq Butt pointed out that in the wake of the worsening law and order situation, energy crisis and economic slowdown, the business community, especially the exporters had been struggling hard to fulfil their foreign orders.

He feared that the strike would badly affect export transportation due to closure of filling stations and unavailability of fuel which could result in missing vessels/cancellation of export orders and conversion of shipments of export consignments from sea to air.

Muhammad Ishaq Butt, who is also the chairman of Sialkot Dry Port, warned that continuity of the strike would have serious repercussions on the exports and demanded immediate and meaningful intervention by the government to end the strike.