With the dry weather conditions and clear skies since the advent of the winter, the temperatures are plummeting across AJK, especially in the upper reaches witnessing coldest nights of the season so far plunging a certain number of population into seasonal diseases including fever, flue, cold and cough, vertigo and body pain.

The capital city of Muzaffarabad recorded minus 9 degree Celsius while the day was sunny with a maximum temperature of 13.00 degrees on Tuesday.

As the nights started witnessing lowest temperature, evenings and morning are getting colder in both plain and upper parts of the liberated territory. People mostly stay indoors and come out of their homes late in the morning and go home before the dusk to save themselves from low temperatures.

Severe cold and dry weather conditions started in top mountainous parts of the AJK after a respite early this week when there was fresh snowfall on mountains and light rain in the plains.

The forecast speak of the much possible continuation of the dry and cold weather for some more days. The temperatures might plummet further during next one week and there will be no respite for the people from the bone chilling cold, according to the official sources.

When contacted, seasoned medico and specialist and family medicines Dr Khalid Yousaf Mughal, Executive Director Quaid-e-Azam Muhamamd Ali Jinnah Hospital confirmed to The Nation on Tuesday about the arrival of several number of patients fallen sick due to continued severe dryness of the chilly weather.

He suggested to people adopting preventive measures to be saved from suffering from the seasonal diseases including fever, flue, cold and cough, vertigo and body pains by wearing heavy clothes and taking tea and coffee in different hours.